Augmented Reality!! A must view!!!

This page contains a collection of videos, web sites, articles, etc. that focus on understanding technology.

Special Note: There are three of the wiki pages at the left that report on interesting and important technology developments. Take a look at Jen Mason's, Matt Olsen's & Jim Tedder"s pages.

One of the developers of REDDIT explains in three minutes at a TED conference the power of social media by sharing the example of "Mister Splashy Pants".

Education Week's feature SPOTLIGHT focuses on their technology articles.

Dangerously Irrelevant is Scott McLeod's excellent web site. He is the founder
and director of CASTLE, an organization dedicated to promoting technology
with educational leaders. Watch a 10 minute video discussing the future of on line learning.

Digital Directions is a free RSS feed that you can receive from Education Week. White boards are discussed in a recent issue.

Teacher, Bill Ferriter, writes a new column for Educational Leadership, titled "Digitally Speaking ". His Feb. '10 column "Why Teachers Should Try Twitter" is worth a look. His first column, "Take the Digital Plunge " is a good intro to how you can begin to benefit from digital connections.
E-School News is a free e-newsletter that you might want to consider subscribing to, if you are trying to increase your knowledge of technology.
Dangerously Irrelevant . This particular entry walks one through setting up a Google Reader and then provides several RSS Feeds from education law sources. Dr. Scott McCloud who heads up CASTLE ,Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education at Iowa State U. Scott is one of the originators of the Did You Know videos.

Will Richardson, author of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Classroom Tools for Classrooms, which has just been updated and re-published in a 2nd edition. Will got into technology, especially Web 2.0, as a high school English & journalism teacher. Check out the tag at the top that will take you to an unbelievably extensive list of educational blogs on almost every conceivable topic. His blog is titled Weblogg-ed .

Looking for a basic introduction to web 2.0 ? Here is a principal's slide show with voice-over that takes only 20 minutes.

What are the top five tech trends for the coming years? Here is the answer from T.H.E. Journal.

The leading ed tech organization, International Society for Technology in Education, .

Alan November is an influential technology consultant, who presents an interesting overview of "The Myths of Technology" in this short documentary produced by the Mobile Learning Institute as part of their 21st Century Education project. (Don't let the artsy filming distract you from what he has to say about technology.)

I don't know if this will work but I am attempting to link to an Elluminate session off of Will Richardson's blog. He interviews and accepts questions from listeners the authors of our technology text, Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology, Allan Collins & Richard Halverson.

e-School News has published a special report on Convergent Education that is well worth reading.

2/24/10 FYI "Spycam" case now involves the FBI !! (Talk about a principal's worst nightmare!!!) Here is this week's e-school newsletter . In addition to links to the tech stories of the week, you'll note brief videos of interviews with Diane Ravitch, Richard Rothstein, and other influential educators. I suggest you subscribe to e-school news. Its free! BC

2/23/10 FYI This article is from ASCD Smartbrief, **Technology revolutionizing classroom learning**. It gives some insight as to how a staff can start training in using technology tools in the classroom. Several staff members get trained and become the technology "gurus" and in turn train their colleagues. It is one districts initiative to not let budget cuts stop them from moving forward. There are many possibilities, this is just one. KH

2/23/10 FYI This article came through the ASCD Smartbrief, **Education goals in National Broadband Plan revealed** . It talks about E-rate being revamped to help more districts get better internet connections throughout their district. It also talks about this helping to unlock the power of data to personalized learning and school decision making. It seems there are many questions about how funding will be able to keep up with the ever changing technology needs. Although this is a small piece, it could help. KH

3/2/10 FYI "Hot off the press!" Web 2.0's impact on the classroom!! Phi Delta Kappa's March/April 2010 issue of EDge presents a comprehensive "exploration of core themes challenging the traditional view of technology's impact on teaching and learning".

3/4/10 Edutopia has a useful collection of videos available on line. This one, in spite of the awful music at the start, is a nice intro to today's "digital natives", of course they are our children.

3/4/10 FYI Digital Directions web site provides summaries & links to all recent Ed Week tech articles.

3/6/10 Recommended Reading - This very recent Ed Week addresses the new National Education Technology Plan and provides a link to the actual plan.

3/6/10 Recommended Reading - The National Alliance for Excellence in Education has just released a policy Issue Brief that contends on-line learning is necessary to address three of the most pressing challenges facing American education. This brief Ed Week blog has three links, all of which are of interest. The key link takes you to the "Issue Brief" that presents evidence for the proposition that digital learning will provide the means to address these three pressing challenges. Another link provides an Ed Week article that outlines the debate over the relative costs of on line learning vs. traditional face-to-face learning. Finally, there is a link to the organization that provided this Issue Brief.

3/24/10 Hello all you techno geeks! Johnny Chung Lee has found a few new uses for the Wii remote. One of the most useful, in my opinion, is the use of the Wii remote and an infrared pen to turn any whiteboard, or surface for that manner, into an interactive SmartBoard. This is very useful for those of us who do not have access to a SmartBoard type device in our schools. Below is a video showing the use of this technology and all the components needed to create your own device for under $100 can be found at the WiiTeachers site. DK

3/18/10 Just in case you missed my e-mail that I sent to everyone. here is the link to Ed Week's Technology Counts , Mobile Learning Seeks the Spotlight in K-12 Education.

3/21/10 The technological future has arrived in Grand Rapids Schools as it is announced that some high school courses will be offered on line as a cost cutting move.

3/21/10 GB cohort member Matt Olson's wiki presentation on "One-to-One Technology" includes this video that features a U of M professor who shares his contention that mobile technology will change education more than the internet and PC's combined. Along with another professor from TX, he takes a road trip visiting schools in TX and LO.

3/14/10 Recommended Viewing - This is a four minute video made by teachers for teachers and well worth viewing and possible sharing. Perhaps you could use it to promote discussion at your school. (It is a You Tube video, so the GB cohort will have to view it at home since we can't access You Tube when we are together in GB.)

3/24/10 This Open Letter to Educators was created by Dan Brown, college drop out. He may have an annoying 'in your face" style, but what he has to say is worth hearing and discussing. it is a You Tube video and only takes a few minutes.

3/26/10 Scott McLeod's site, Dangerously Irrelevant , contains a wealth of technology resources that will assist you as a leader to raise the interest level of other educators in the digital revolution. For example, check out the collection of slides (posters) with thought provoking messages. (My favorite is the one about "trust".


Another resource on Dangerously Irrelevant that you might find useful is his collection of videos . Perhaps the first one to view is Scott McLeod's own presentation 3/10 to a group of American educators who work overseas.

3/29/10 e-School news lead article is about a new $99 tablet computer that will allow students to access the internet and ...(You can read the details and see what you think.)

Did you know there is an international organization for on line learning ? Take a look.

The 2009, K-12 Horizon Report provides an excellent overview of tech trends in K-12 with a general time line of expectations. Definitely worth a look.
And, the 3/31, e-School News front page article, "Too Much Hardware, Already!" , argues that we should spend more on software and training rather than on hardware if the object is to improve student learning.

4/2/10 21 Things - What Every Educator Should Know About Technology!
This is a great PD resource for everyone. Do check it out.

4/3/10 How soon will paper/pencil state assessments be replaced by on line state assessments. Read this recent posting of Curriculum Matters , a free Education week blog.

4/6/10 Digital textbooks are coming, but how fast and in what context are two of many questions ed leaders should be considering. Ed Week printed an article by the Director of the American Textbook Council.


Getting started with Google is a web site for educators as is the
Web 2.0 Gurusite.

e-School Newsarticle about the need to adjust classroom instruction for the "igeneration", based on a new book.

4/12/10 A recent court decision could have far reaching, negative affects for
on line learning.

This is Dr. Curtis Bonk, author of The World is Open, How Technology is Revolutionizing Education. His presentation style is annoying but what he has to say is worth hearing. He quickly gives examples of the 10 "doors" that are opening learning to all at any time any where. You may learn more from listening without being distracted by the visuals. At least that's what helped me pick up some additional info from him. (I have just started reading this book, 4/13/10. It has gotten lots of good press.)

Chris Lehman is the principal of a charter school. He shares his passion about what is important to teach and learn in schools, and technology as an important tool.

A teacher at an independent school created this video about his efforts to create a wiki containing resources to promote educators using social networking.

The same teacher mentioned above created this very thought provoking video about how to really prepare students for jobs in the 21st century.